Hagen Engler
4 minute read
28 Nov 2021
12:00 pm

To build a better South Africa, we need to temper our cynicism

Hagen Engler

South Africa is the home of 'You’ve gotta laugh, cos otherwise you’d never stop crying'!

Clearly, we are a nation riven with cynicism. And with good reason. We have been betrayed by our public representatives, our political parties, the private sector, NGOs and by each other. Photo for illustration: iStock

As the fallout from this month’s municipal elections crystallises into a series of coalitions so brittle they resemble glazed, dry-ice versions of Mount Rushmore, it’s easy to develop a morbid fascination with our fragile democracy.  Coalitions that combine parties on the far right and the far left of the political spectrum would seem to be built for volatility, if not outright failure. Often these “movements” are united by nothing beyond a shared dislike for the corrupt, incompetent ruling party. They are also staffed by politicians, whose guiding ethos is often personal enrichment as looters of the public purse while posing...