Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
15 Jan 2022
4:00 am

Giving pinkies the finger

Carine Hartman

Pink liberals always make the right noises, but their racism is thinly veiled as elitism. But I dare to dream.

Students at the Cornwall Hill College protest against allegations of racism at the school, 31 May 2021, Centurion. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Sometimes I think I’m no more than that species I despise so: the slightly pink liberal standing on the street corner doing the un-Zulu finger-pointing of “Zuma must go, Zuma must go” – thanks for the vision, Trevor Noah. But I have a Martin Luther King dream. Admittedly a pink dream because it’s not mine. It’s a condescending dream for a lady who is ever so slightly illiterate (read: no ways will she finish a bewildering course on finance and housing) and all she’s ever wanted was a house. Her house. I’ve seen it over the six years since Diketso...