Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
14 May 2022
5:00 am

To all mothers out there: Let every day be a Mother’s Day, you deserve it

Carine Hartman

That’s my wish for all you mothers out there.

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Mother’s Day, like Valentine’s Day, leaves me stone cold. I see all being pressured to waste hard-earned money on roses and chocolates when a morning kiss and a hug will do – which I get in any case. Popping in on this “special day” is reward enough. Organising a braai and salads even better. But then I forgot how innovative kids are. Breakfast in bed again – but the twist is Son made it. Overcooked and all it was fit for a queen. Pride of place under my kitchen light a fabulous Perspex seagull mobile reflects all the colours of...