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29 Mar 2021
7:00 am

Private military companies playing vital role in our area’s stability


The situation in Palma is connected, one way or another, to a massive US$20 billion (about R300 billion) liquid natural gas plant run by French firm Total, which had, supposedly, been given protection by 500 Mozambique government soldiers.

Mozambique flag. Picture: iStock.

The bloodletting in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delgado province seems a world away to most South Africans, but what happens there has serious implications for us and the future of our region. Bands of well-armed insurgents have been attacking villages, towns and cities in the province for a number of years now. No-one is sure who funds them or even what their ideology is, although some experts have said they are some Islamic jihadist variant. Hundreds of local people are said to have died at their hands – some being beheaded or dismembered. Sadly, though, those deaths, of ordinary black Africans,...