Editorial staff
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20 Apr 2021
7:41 am

Poor are hardest hit in disasters

Editorial staff

It is certain, too, that government funding – money gathered from taxpayers – will have to be diverted from many other pressing social projects to help repair the devastation at both the hospital and the university.

Fire damage at Charlotte Maxeke hospital in Johannesburg. Picture: Twitter/@GautengHealth

  In South Africa, it sometimes feels as though we get battered every month by crises, tragedies and disasters that other countries might encounter only once a decade or less. While most of the population in this country is trying to absorb the constant litany of bad news that is our politics; over the weekend, two of our most important – and prestigious – institutions were engulfed by flame. First, the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital – one of the best government hospitals – caught fire and burned so badly that more than 700 patients had to be evacuated. Then, an...