2 minute read
5 Jul 2021
5:44 am

Zuma’s high-stakes chicken game with ConCourt must be dealt with 


Many South Africans are not fooled and can see Zuma for what he is: Kingpin of a network set up to loot an entire country.

Former president Jacob Zuma has never been shy to bust a move. Government must now do the same to ensure he faces the law. (Photo by Gallo Images / City Press / Siyanda Mayeza)

It would be easy – looking at the images of supporters of former president Jacob Zuma clamouring around him in Nkandla ready to protect him from arrest – to conclude that South Africa is teetering on the edge of civil war. That, though, would be exactly what Zuma and his minions (well-versed in the art of PR hype, as they were taught by white London outfit Bell Pottinger) would want you to think. It’s all part of the strategy to portray himself and his “people” as being the wounded victims of capricious injustice and who are willing to fight, supposedly...