Editorial staff
1 minute read
11 Jan 2022
4:10 am

Embattled SANDF needs more ammunition in form of funds

Editorial staff

Apart from the worrying deployment of soldiers in situations requiring restrained policing, SANDF does not have the budget for these tasks.

Picture: Citizen.co.za/Tracy Lee Stark

One of the constitutionally mandated missions of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) is “support to the civil power” – in emergency situations where police and civil authorities need assistance. These can include anything from floods and fires to civil unrest. In the case of the former, SANDF assets, including helicopters, have been used to rescue people from flooded areas. In the case of the latter, armed troops and even armoured vehicles have been deployed to deter looting and criminality, as happened in July last year. ALSO READ: Sending Zuma back to prison is a victory for equality before the...