Editorial staff
1 minute read
10 May 2022
5:00 am

Steenhuisen’s senseless Ukraine mission proves the DA’s desperation against the ANC

Editorial staff

One could also ask if the party is desperately grasping at anything it can use to attack the ANC, which clearly supports Russia.

DA leader John Steenhuisen in Ukraine for ‘fact-finding’ visit. Picture: Twitter /@jsteenhuisen

As a party outside government – and the official opposition, nogal – it is not surprising that the Democratic Alliance (DA) is publicity-hungry… and will use any excuse for a photo opportunity or a few lines in print. Ironically, in this, they are much like the party they despise, the Economic Freedom Fighters, which has developed the political publicity stunt to fine art in South Africa. Yet, even knowing that, it is still difficult to comprehend the current, senseless “fact-finding mission” being undertaken by DA leader John Steenhuisen in wartorn Ukraine. Apart from the fact that the world doesn’t care...