Editorial staff
1 minute read
11 May 2022
4:30 am

CSA dropping racism charges against Boucher leads to more polarisation

Editorial staff

In the wake of the announcement feelings among cricket supporters at the Cricket South Africa (CSA) were divided.

Mark Boucher wants to move forward with the Proteas team. Picture: Kai Schwoerer/Getty Images

Far from bringing closure to the vexed question of racism in South African cricket – and healing its wounds – the case of Mark Boucher has, if anything, led to more polarisation. Feelings among cricket supporters at the Cricket South Africa (CSA) decision to drop all racism charges against the Proteas head coach were divided – and heated – on Tuesday in the wake of the announcement. There were those who felt Boucher should answer to those charges and explain hurtful racial incidents in the national camp from years ago – an indication that emotions are still raw. Boucher supporters,...