Editorial staff
2 minute read
11 Jun 2022
5:15 am

Cops must step up fight against GBV

Editorial staff

If the scourge of GBV is to be reduced, then our cops and prosecutors need to up their game.

Screenshot from Twitter/Barry Bateman

This country hears so much about gender-based violence (GBV) – and sees so much written – that it has almost become immune to what is our biggest social tragedy. Yet, this week, many were shocked out of complacency and into anger. That was because AfriForum released into the public domain shocking closed-circuit TV footage of Jaco Swart viciously attacking his wife Nicoleen in 2018. Swart repeatedly punched her in the face and then carried out a flying drop kick to her head, putting his full body weight into it. The high-resolution images have been shared far and wide on social...