Editorial staff
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22 Jul 2022
4:45 am

Africa needs its own military industry

Editorial staff

Otherwise, we will forever be the puppets of outsiders.

Members of the SANDF during an exercise demonstration at the SA Army Combat Training Centre in the Northern Cape, 9 November 2021. Picture: Jacques Nelles

We all, by now anyway, should be only too aware of the impacts on the world of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Fuel prices have gone through the roof, as have those for food. Prophets of doom are predicting the global economy could even be pushed into recession. But there could be even more far-reaching effects on Africa, on its relations with the global superpowers and on the structure, training and deployment of its own military forces. As seasoned African military expert Eeben Barlow writes on our pages today, the first – and most notable – impact of the conflict...