Rorisang Kgosana
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26 Apr 2016
10:05 am

Mother finds condom in baby formula

Rorisang Kgosana

She had used the powdered milk for two days before discovering the condom buried in it.

Photo: Thinkstock.

A Pretoria north mother was left fuming after she found a ripped condom in a tin of Nestlé Lactogen 3 infant milk.

Adri Hattinge said she had bought the powdered milk at the Checkers in Wonderpark and used it for two days before discovering the condom buried in it, Rekord North reported

“On the third day, I found this gift inside. I contacted Nestlé and they replaced the tin. They took the contaminated tin for tests but my child fell ill after drinking the milk,” she said.

After laying a complaint, Hattingh said she was told the milk was already opened, leaving little evidence of contamination.

Nestlé spokesperson Millicent Molete said she was aware of the complaint but questioned the origin of the condom.

“Based on investigations and the nature of manufacturing and filling processes, it is extremely unlikely that the condom could have been introduced during processing.”

She said the manufacturing line was fitted with a 2mm sieve, making it impossible for a condom to pass through.

“Additionally, the tins are inverted and air blown to ensure that they are free of any objects prior to them being filled with the product. All products adhere to a very strict food safety release criteria and the product in question conformed to this criteria.”

Hattingh, however, was not satisfied.

“They [Nestlé] did not offer to further investigate. They basically told me that is how it is. I found that condom in their product so I want an answer as to how it happened [got there] as it was for sure not [put in by] me or my daughter.”

Molete said Nestlé took every complaint very seriously and sought to resolve every issue.

“I would like to assure consumers that all Nestlé products are manufactured under strict quality control procedures to ensure the highest standard reached our consumers. The safety and quality of products are non-negotiable priorities for us.”

– Caxton News Service