Thapelo Lekabe
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
24 Aug 2016
1:08 pm

Zuma is raping govt of every last cent before he exits – Gareth Cliff

Thapelo Lekabe

Gareth Cliff says before President Zuma can 'take what he can and get out' of the presidency, he needs to rob Treasury first.

Controversial media personality Gareth Cliff says President Jacob Zuma is raping the country’s state-owned enterprises of every last cent of cash he can before he leaves office.

Cliff reacted on his radio show on Wednesday – The Gareth Cliff Show – to reports that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has been summoned to appear before the elite crime-fighting unit the Hawks on Thursday over the so-called Sars rogue unit.

Can you believe this president of ours? What is wrong with this guy?

‘”… He’s got this thing about state capture, his whole point, his whole purpose. Now he realises that power is starting to slip away from him, so he’s on a massive greed binge, and he’s trying to get as much money out of the system as he can,” he said.

Gareth also gave his speculative thoughts on what Zuma intended to do with the amount of pressure he faces after the African National Congress’ steep decline of voter confidence and calls for the party to hold an early leadership contest race.

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“Mark these words, because this is what’s gonna happen: the president is gonna take every cent he can; he’s already moving it all offshore. I’m not sure how, I don’t know the details, but this is what I suspect is happening.

“This guy is busy raping the state-owned enterprises as we speak of every last cent of cash that he can …’’

“He’s [Zuma] gonna take what he can now and make a massive final gamble and target number one, the Treasury, because that’s where the cash is. That’s the big bank he’s trying to rob,’’ he said.

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He says Gordhan is the “big stumbling block’’ to Zuma gaining full access to Treasury and the state-owned enterprises he’s taken control of recently, so he can “take what he can and get out’’ of the presidency.

Poor old Pravin is gonna need us to back him, and this president of ours needs to face the music now.

“He’s got to go to jail for all those charges of fraud and corruption; over 700 of them.’’

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