Michelle Dennis
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21 Oct 2016
12:54 pm

KZN compulsive burglar nabbed

Michelle Dennis

The burglar is a repeat offender with at least 20 cases of burglary against him and was out on bail.

A burglar seen climbing out of a window in a house on Madeleine Drive, Ballito, was caught in Stella Road at 2am this morning, North Coast Courier reports.

A Madeleine Drive resident Nico de Bruyn went to bed at about 9pm, and the frantic barking of his dog woke him at about 2am.

“My dog’s barking woke me up, and I got up and saw a dark shadow in the passage. I followed the shadow and saw a burglar trying to climb out the window, and I threw myself at him, and the momentum pushed him through the window,” said De Bruyn.

Undaunted, De Bruyn took after him. “I went out and gave chase and managed to catch him when he was jumping over a wall and fell on top of him.”

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Umhlali police spokesperson Vinny Pillay said the burglar was found with two cellphones.

“The resident called Umhlali police who detained the burglar,” said Pillay.

“This guy is a well-known repeat offender and at other police stations; there are at least 20 cases of burglary against him.”

The burglar was badly injured and was taken to hospital.”

De Bruyn told The Courier that he suspected the burglar had been in and out of the house a few times.

“This morning I found my daughter’s schoolbag down the road with two of our laptops in it and the charger,” he said.

Repeat offender caught.

– Caxton News Service