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18 Nov 2016
6:06 am

Arms deal critic vows ‘not the last of the arms deal’ saga

Citizen reporter

The Seriti Commission earlier this year found no evidence of corruption in the arms deal, a ruling Terry Crawford-Browne vowed to have set aside.

FILE PICTURE: Judge Willie Seriti at the Arms Procurement Commission Inquiry on 21 August 2013 in Pretoria. Picture: Christine Vermooten.

Arms deal activist Terry Crawford-Browne plans to take further legal attempts to try and get the Seriti Commission’s findings that there was no evidence of corruption in the arms deal, set aside.

This follows his failed attempt in the Constitutional Court, which refused to hear his application.

“In anticipation that the Constitutional Court would attempt to duck the political hot potato of the arms deal scandal, I have already engaged a highly reputable firm of foreign lawyers, who specialise in international corruption and fraud, and who are looking at alternative resolutions to this saga,” said Crawford-Browne.

“Thus, while local remedies may have been exhausted by the Constitutional Court’s decision, the arms deal saga continues,” he said.

The Seriti Commission earlier this year found no evidence of corruption in the arms deal. Crawford-Browne said the ConCourt’s dismissal was highly regrettable “because of the signals it sends to the international community at a time when South Africa faces investment downgrading to junk status, in large part due to the culture of corruption which the arms deal unleashed, and also compounded by the misconduct of the president”.

“The Seriti Commission investigation into the arms deal was thoroughly discredited from inception, and [this ] is widely and publicly acknowledged,” Crawford-Browne said.

“Judge Francis Legodi and the chief evidence leader, advocate Tayob Aboobaker, and others resigned because of mismanagement of the investigation by Judge Willie Seriti.

In particular, Norman Moabi resigned in January 2013, alleging that Judge Seriti had a ‘second agenda to silence the Terry Crawford-Brownes of this world’.”