Refiloe Matome
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13 Jan 2017
3:43 pm

VIDEO: ‘Mark Scott-Crossley must die,’ protesters chant

Refiloe Matome

Scott-Crossley is known for throwing a man into a lion's den in 2014.

Community chant for Scott.

Mark Scott-Crossley, known for throwing a former employee into a lion’s den back in 2004, is wanted by Hoedspruit police in connection with an attempted murder case in Limpopo, Letaba Herald reports.



A memorandum has been submitted to the Hoedspruit police on Friday demanding the immediate arrest of Scott-Crossley in Welverdiend, Bushbuckridge.

“The submission of this memorandum seeks to request the immediate arrest of Mark Scott-Crossley, a suspect who displayed a barbaric act when he attempted to kill Silence Mabunda, by deliberately hitting him with a car with the intention to kill him,” said ANC regional spokesperson Mandla Chauke.

“The incident took place two days prior to South Africa’s day of reconciliation, instead of advancing our democracy as a nation, we still have white individuals who still perpetuate ugly acts of racism in our society,” he further stated.

The Welverdiend community calls upon all black and white people to embrace the new democracy and expose those who stand to take democracy backwards.

“We call for the immediate arrest of the person who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2005 by the Phalaborwa Circuit Court for assaulting and then throwing his former employee Nelson Chisale to the lions,” said CDF secretary Fortune Ndlovu.

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Crossley’s murder conviction was set aside by the Bloemfontein Supreme Court of Appeal and was substituted to five years’ imprisonment.

“It is disturbing that our community calls for the arrest of a person who was granted parole in August 2008 after killing a black person. We therefore cannot mask our view to see a justice system serving the interest of rich white people as a result, we make a strident call for the arc of justice to bend towards the poor,” stated Ndlovu.

Angry protester.

Angry protester.

The Welverdiend community submitted the following demands:

  1. The police should urgently take measures and immediately arrest Crossley in order for him to have his day in court. As a community, we cannot appear defenceless when our community members are attacked by those who still hold the practice of apartheid.
  2. We further demand that police publishes Crossley’s photograph as a wanted criminal
  3. We again demand that his lawyer that came to Hoedspruit Police Station and lied, stating that he will hand Crossley over to the police before December 25, to be brought in for questioning in order to establish Crossley’s whereabouts
  4. We give the police 14 calendar days to have Crossley apprehended and further demand that the community of Welverdiend is informed after his arrest and any update be communicated through CDF secretary.

The memorandum was handed over by Fortune Ndlovu, secretary of CDF, and was received by Brigadier Nelson Marungane at the Hoedspruit Police Station.

Watch video: Letaba Herald

– Caxton News service

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