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20 Jan 2017
2:51 pm

The future of water conservation

Citizen Reporter

The system has been designed and developed to alert users of the presence of any water leak in their homes.


South Africa has been struggling with serious drought and water shortages, and the situation is yet to improve in certain parts of the country, Fourways Review reports.

The simple plug-in unit controls valves that shut off your water supply when it detects a leak.

Water conservation is an issue that affects all of us, and we should all make a concerted effort to stop the wastage of fresh water.

Ian Billing is the creator of LeakAlert, a groundbreaking water management system that could save ordinary South Africans a lot of rands, and even more in terms of litres of fresh water.

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“The LeakAlert system has been designed and developed to alert users of the presence of any water leak in their home or business. Once a leak has been detected, LeakAlert will automatically shut off the water supply and notify the user via the LCD screen on the control unit as well as SMS,” says Billing.

The LeakAlert system not only detects water leaks but can be programmed to control sprinklers, open and close gates and even control lighting in your home or business.

“The system can be programmed to control a host of features in your home, but the primary function of the system is to save you money and prevent damage to your property in case of a water leak, for example, when your geyser burst while you are at work or on holiday, LeakAlert can save you thousands of rands in damage and water bills,” added Billing.

The LeakAlert App logs your water usage and notifies you of water leaks.

The first stage of the rollout for the LeakAlert system will focus on the Sandton area.

– Caxton News Service

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