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Tersia Gopi
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26 Jan 2017
5:17 pm

‘I believe their intention was to kill me’

Tersia Gopi

The perpetrators wrapped a towel around the victim’s head and secured it with a belt.

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A wheelchair-bound man was beaten at his home in Fernwood, KwaZulu-Natal, shortly after 7.30am on Monday, Newcastle Adertiser reports.

It is believed the man left the house to take his wife to work and dropped off his 8-year-old son at school.

“I left home at about 7am,” said the victim.

When he returned home, he did not notice anything particularly peculiar or out of place.

“I went toward the toilet, and that’s when I heard a noise.”

The victim was ambushed by two men who attacked and pulled him from his wheelchair.

A brutal attack ensued.

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“Both guys were armed with hammers. They hit me numerous times on my head, and I tried to block the blows with my hand.”

The attacker bound the victim’s hands with a cable tie and continued hitting him, demanding a gun and a laptop.

“I told them I didn’t have a gun. I showed them where to find the laptop,” said the distraught victim.

The perpetrators wrapped a towel around the victim’s head and secured it with a belt.

Police spokesperson Lizzy Arumugam said: “Cellphones and a laptop computer were stolen. A case of house robbery was opened.”

Police officials and a forensic team were on the scene to conduct preliminary investigations. Allegedly, an undisclosed amount of money as well as jewellery were also taken during the robbery.

“I even told them to take my car, and I wouldn’t call the police,” said the man.

Bleeding profusely from the wounds he sustained to his head, the victim managed to crawl to the front door of his house and screamed for help.

– Caxton News Service

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