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Kyle Cowan
2 minute read
7 Feb 2017
9:20 am

Crazed semi-naked man bashes car, stops traffic

Kyle Cowan

The blow dented the pillar between the front and back window on the driver’s side.

The dented car.

A Mtubatuba woman in KwaZulu-Natal is fuming after her car was damaged by a stick-wielding, semi-naked man who attacked her on the N2, Zululand Observer reports.

Liezl van Rooyen said, while returning to Mtuba after a business meeting in Empangeni, she was passed by a police vehicle with flashing sirens at about 2.30pm.

“Your immediate reaction when seeing a police vehicle with its sirens on heading towards you is to slow down,” said Van Rooyen.

Shortly after passing the Nseleni River Bridge she noticed that traffic moving towards Empangeni had ground to a halt and that there was some sort of commotion.

“I eventually had to slow down to a crawl, and I then noticed a semi-naked man walking down the road with some sort of stick or something in his hand.”

According to Van Rooyen, the man suddenly made a beeline for her car.

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“I kept eye contact with him to watch what he was doing.”

By then Van Rooyen was trapped and could not move around the man and was forced to drive slowly right by him.

“He swung the stick really hard at my windscreen, and if he had connected, I am sure he would have smashed it. The blow dented the pillar between the front and back window on the driver’s side, leaving a hefty repair bill and no idea why l was targeted.”

“There was a long line of other cars, and surely someone must have witnessed the incident. I would like to open a case with the police, but I am not really sure if they would be able to do anything about it.”

Van Rooyen also felt that the presence of the police van meant someone must have contacted them.

“He must have damaged other vehicles, and if he did, I would really like to know why,” she concluded.

– Caxton News Service

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