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22 Feb 2017
5:12 pm

Mysterious woman found in child’s bed

Citizen Reporter

The police came to rescue the woman after the resident’s questioning became a bit rough.

Woman found in the house.

A family of four was left traumatised after they awoke to find a stranger in their house, sleeping naked next to their youngest child in Limpopo, Review Online reports.

The incident occurred in Solomondale and it is unclear how the mysterious woman gained access to their house as all the windows and doors were closed.

The mother of the household, Casma Selepe (34), said her children are still traumatised by the incident and are living with relatives because they refuse to move back home out of fear.

Selepe said on the night of the incident she and her children went to bed at around 9.15pm, her husband was out by the time they went to bed.

“My youngest child is four years old and she sleeps in our room on a separate mattress. She was sleeping peacefully until my husband arrived home and woke me up, asking who the person sleeping next to our little girl was,” Selepe explained.

She said they woke the person and found that it was a naked woman who was sleeping next to their daughter. The mysterious woman did not give any response when they asked her how she got into their house or what she was doing there.

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“We called our pastor and some of our neighbours to come to our assistance. They were just as shocked as we were by the incident and everyone attempted to get information from the woman but she did not say anything,” Selepe added.

“We took her outside and tied her next to a tree because the family wanted to deal with her in our own way and we wanted the community to see this unknown woman. We were surprised when the police arrived at my house the next morning to come and rescue the woman because our questioning of her it was getting a bit rough,” Selepe said.

She added what made the incident even more traumatising, was that it was her daughter’s birthday and the woman ruined it.

Provincial Police Spokesperson, Captain Mamphaswa Seabi, confirmed the incident. He said the woman, who claims to be from Mozambique, was taken to hospital to undergo a mental examination and is under police guard. A case of house breaking is being investigated.

Southern Africa Development Community Leader of Traditional Healers, Dr Sylvester Hlathi could not relate the incident to witchcraft.

He said the woman might be mentally disturbed and he could not determine if she was being used by witches. Hlathi said such situations can arise from time to time and normally the affected family is advised to perform a cleansing ceremony to chase away evil spirits left behind by the trauma.

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