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24 Feb 2017
1:56 pm

Tom Moyane says he has ‘nada’ relationship with the Guptas

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The Sars commissioner says he doesn't like the way the finance minister treats him, while Gordhan reportedly alleges Moyane doesn't follow the rules.

Commissioner of the South African Revenue Services Thomas Swabihi Moyane. Picture: GCIS

SA Revenue Service (Sars) commissioner Tom Moyane in a televised interview with eNCA on Friday denied that he was a Gupta man.

He said:” I have no relationship with them. Naaa daaa!” The broadcaster was querying him on whether there was any truth to the perception that he favours the controversial Gupta family.

President Jacob Zuma will be intervening in the breakdown of the relationship between Moyane and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, which has reached the point that Moyane alleges Gordhan even refuses to shake his hand.

In an explosive press conference on Friday afternoon that was called to discuss a media report revealing tensions between himself and Gordhan, Moyane made it clear that he had taken issue with the way Gordhan has treated him.

The press briefing also discussed operational matters at Sars, including the biggest revenue shortfall in years, which Moyane said was not his agency’s fault.

Moyane asked Zuma to appoint someone to adjudicate issues between himself and Gordhan.

The Sars commissioner admitted that he was the one who had laid charges against those accused of being part of the so-called Sars rogue unit, which has implicated Gordhan.

Moyane said that he was not getting the co-operation he requires from the minister and would not “be made to feel small” by anyone, including Gordhan.

Moyane denied that he had lodged a personal, criminal case against Gordhan. He said: “That’s a complete lie.” He said the truth was that he had merely lodged the case against the alleged Sars rogue unit and the people involved in it, but it was not against Gordhan personally.

He denied that Sars staff had been leaving the organisation and said “morale is high, I don’t know where it comes from that it is not”.

Earlier, a report had revealed how Gordhan and Moyane have become involved in a battle that has now involved Zuma.

According to the Mail and Guardian, 16 letters between Gordhan and Moyane have shown how their working relationship broke down, with Moyane going as far as to blame Gordhan for his ill health, and he refuses to directly account to the minister. Gordhan is the head of the National Treasury, and Sars falls under his jurisdiction.

The weekly reported that Moyane was taken to task by Gordhan for approving his own salary increase, performance bonus and dishing out bonuses to Sars staff amounting to R500 million without following basic performance assessment procedures.

Their tense relationship has disintegrated to such an extent that they fought about Moyane “informing” Gordhan he was taking leave instead of applying for it like any regular employee, meeting arrangements and Gordhan’s refusal to shake Moyane’s hand on two occasions.

“I ask myself every day what I have I ever done to you that has made you mistreat and besiege me as if I am a little boy,” Moyane stated in one letter. He added his superior had subjected him to “alien, unflattering behaviour, wholesome extremism, deplorable conduct and interfering in the operations of Sars and systematically orchestrating a vigorous campaign to usurp him”.

Though Gordhan did not reply to many of the letters, one of his responses was reportedly met with an objection from Moyane, who then turned to Zuma for protection and declared an intergovernmental dispute.

Further evidence of the breakdown of the relationship shows how Moyane only attended two meetings held by Gordhan. In one of these meetings, the finance minister was upset and scolded Moyane for preparing poorly for the meeting.

“It was Gordhan’s sense that the Sars management team don’t know the business of Sars, couldn’t answer questions and fumbled their presentation, that made him explode,” a source told the Mail and Guardian.

Tension between the two reached a head when Moyane approved salary increases and bonuses despite Gordhan indicating he needed approval to do so.

“Your unauthorised, unlawful and irregular interference in the administrative and operational matters of Sars is unlawful and contrary to the Sars act. The decision to approve salary increment and payment of bonuses was made by my office as part of performing an office function after diligent consideration,” Moyane reportedly.

Moyane has also sought an urgent meeting with Zuma and Gordhan.

Gordhan has not commented, while spokesperson for Sars Sandile Memela said the letters were confidential and he could not discuss their contents with the media.

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