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Ilse de Lange
2 minute read
4 Mar 2017
6:06 am

Court orders ‘sex pest’ to stay away from Limpopo sisters

Ilse de Lange

Pieter Buys is accused of bombarding the sisters with over 300 messages containing unacceptable and vulgar language.

Photo: Supplied

Two blonde, blue-eyed sisters from Limpopo have obtained an urgent interdict to stop the man who has been bombarding them with crude sexual messages for the past four years from contacting them in any manner.

Judge Elizabeth Kubushi this week granted an order in the North Gauteng High Court, prohibiting 28-year-old Pieter Buys of Nigel from communicating in any manner whatsoever with the sisters. The judge also granted a punitive costs order against Buys.

The sisters, both in their 20s, said in court papers Buys somehow got hold of their cellphone numbers and started communicating with them through Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger four years ago.

He claimed he knew them from school and invited them to accept him as a friend on Facebook but neither of them could recall him and declined his invitation.

Despite this, he started bombarding them with over 300 messages containing unacceptable and vulgar language, using swear words and crude sexual references to which they were not accustomed.

Both of them repeatedly tried to block him from communicating with them electronically, but he simply created a new profile and then again started bombarding them with messages.

They said it was evident that Buys had fallen in love with them, became obsessed with them and went out of his way to persuade them to communicate with him.

“We realised that (he) is a dangerous person with an inconsistent, capricious and freakish personality.

“His behaviour and conduct is, to say the least, irrational, unacceptable and illogical … We are scared of (him) and we have no desire to communicate with him at all,” they said.

In his messages, Buys, who refers to the sisters as “f*****n hot”, says he’s been in love with them his whole life, he wants to rape them and even offers to pay one of them for sex.

More troubling, he asked one of the sisters if he could assist her in “planning her husband’s funeral” and threatened to “buy” her child. She said Buys, by his own admission, abused drugs, saying he had been smoking dagga for 20 years and that “drugs made him old”.

He was no stranger to the criminal court and had convictions for vehicle theft and drug possession.

The sisters’ attorney said they were in the process of formulating criminal charges against Buys.

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