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22 Mar 2017
2:17 pm

PIC: ‘Dudu Myeni’ kneels at Zuma’s feet

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If you thought the meme was about men tying women's shoelaces for them, you're obviously not the man from Nkandla.

Picture: Twitter.

There is a meme that has been circulating on social media for a while now. In the meme, a man pretends to be tying his woman’s shoelaces, and this is often shared with the hashtag #CoupleGoals.

Even though we still don’t get why that serves as a couple goal, we are assuming it perhaps has everything to do with a man serving his lady, and not the other way round, as is usually the case.

The meme did not start now, though. President Jacob Zuma and SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni have allegedly done it already, though don’t for one moment think Number 1 is into things like tying woman’s shoelaces. The man from Nkandla gets his shoelaces tied, at least according to this picture, which may be photoshopped but looks pretty legit.

In the picture that has been circulating on social media and supposedly taken from Isolezwe, the president can be seen sitting on a chair, while a woman, identified as Dudu Myeni in the caption, ties the laces of his boots.

The two had reportedly visited an iron firm in Richards Bay.

The publication used the picture on a story about Myeni denying long-standing allegations that she was the president’s nyatsi (side chick).

Check out the picture below:

Picture: Twitter.

Picture: Twitter.

The picture was a follow-up to one shared on Twitter by Africa Facts Zone of Zambia’s minister of livestock and fisheries Michael Katambo kneeling before President Edgar Lungu while addressing him and saying it showed respect. Some have, however, argued that he may have been kneeling for prayers, as a priest’s robe can be seen on the right side of the picture.

Check out the pictures that followed below:

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