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22 Mar 2017
11:45 pm

UP urged to condemn new ‘Afrikaans-only’ residence

Citizen Reporter

Activist Yusuf Abramjee condemned the new residence, saying it highlighted segregation.

University of Pretoria building. 13 July 2014. Picture: Supplied

The University of Pretoria has been urged to take a stand against a new Afrikaans-only residence that recently opened at the University. The private residence, named De Goede Hoop, was opened on January 28 and houses 48 students, the Perdeby Newspaper reported.

Activist Yusuf Abramjee took to Twitter to air his views on the new residence, expressing his distaste that segregation still existed in 2017.

Abramjee called out the university for condoning segregation since the announcement was made in the school’s newsletter. He added that a “volkstaat” could not be allowed in a democratic South Africa, adding that this was not on.

Abramjee called on the university to issue a “strongly worded statement” condemning the residence and call for it to be boycotted.

Responding to Abramjee, the university distanced itself from the residence, saying it had nothing to do with the private establishment and did not “condone” it in any way.

Other reactions to the new Afrikaans-only residence:

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