Nhlawulo Chauke
1 minute read
23 Mar 2017
5:02 pm

Tshwane bus service unveils new fare collection system

Nhlawulo Chauke

TBS is set to launch a new improved cashless system, called the Connector, which will become operational in two months' time.

The City of Tshwane’s Bus Service (TBS) is upgrading its fare collection mechanism from paper tickets and coupons to the new and improved cashless system, called the Connector.

On Thursday the TBS announced that they will launch a new improved cashless system “the Connector”, which is going to operate after 2 month from now.

The Connector is believed to be a system that takes away the risk of cash handling for both the passengers and the bus drivers.

The Connector, which is also used by the City’s Tshwane Rapid Transit, A Re Yeng also provides an integrated travel card that can be used on both systems.

“The roll out to an automated fare collections system is an effort to remove the responsibility of cash handling from the drivers and to provide an integrated fare mechanism for the City’s bus services,” TBS said.

The TBS said the current fare payment method of coupons and paper tickets will be phased out and will no longer be permitted for use on TBS buses from May 17 this year.

TBS stated that customers will have two months from 23 March until 17 May to migrate to the Connector in order to continue travelling on TBS buses.

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