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20 Apr 2017
4:53 pm

PIC: Zuma literally ‘f*cks’ Madiba’s legacy in Mabulu’s latest artwork

Citizen Reporter

People have largely received this new artwork really, really badly. WARNING: CENSORED GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Ayanda Mabulu poses in front of his controversial painting on exhibit at Constitution Hill. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

In what appears to be a never-ending quest to both offend and shock with his hatred towards President Jacob Zuma, Ayanda Mabulu has taken his “art” to a place no one would ever have thought a South African would dare.

Truly, nothing is sacred any more because even the late Nelson Mandela is involved now.

The serial painter of Zuma’s genitals has now aimed his paintbrush at the global icon. In the painting, Mandela is not only seductively showing off his breast, but has Msholozi’s “spear” deep in his behind.

Inconceivable, right? But, well, some would argue it is artistic freedom, and protected by Section 16 of the constitution – a freedom Mandela and others toiled in prison for many decades to realise.

Zuma, who seems to be enjoying yet another homosexual act since the last Mabulu painting had him licking Atul Gupta’s behind, can be seen doing his infamous giggle.

Also in the picture is the logo of the ANC.

Mabulu could be trying to say that Zuma is “f*cking” the legacy Mandela built in the ANC. This is clearly protest art against Zuma, who has faced many calls to step down from all corners of society. Like cartoonist Zapiro, this painting is also clearly motivated by a sense of desperation to have something change.

The president has been facing calls to resign from within and outside the ANC. However, it’s unlikely to win the artist any more fans.



On Twitter

On social media, people had a lot of conflicting views when it came to the painting.

Black Zion‏ @SikuzaMichael said: “Ayanda Mabulu ignores the fact that the ’94 administration has been f*cking black masses with no Vaseline.”

Patience‏ @patience_setati thought: “Ayanda Mabulu’s recent work is disgusting and shameful. Such will never be acceptable in our society. At least respect the late Mandela sies.”