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2 May 2017
12:12 pm

Frequently told lies, according to Dali Mpofu

Citizen Reporter

If you believe President Jacob Zuma will lead the country until his term finishes in 2019, you've been lied to, says Mpofu.

Advocate Dali Mpofu. File Picture: Alaister Russell

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national chairperson Dali Mpofu has taken to social media to highlight some of the lies that have been told by politicians, specifically those in the African National Congress (ANC).

Speaking earlier this year, water and sanitation minister and ANC NEC member Nomvula Mokonyane said the ruling party’s January 8 statement showed that the party was self-correcting and focusing on unity.

In the statement, the party said it was facing serious challenges to its unity due to factionalism, gatekeeping and “manipulation of internal processes” that it said existed at all levels of the ANC.

“Above all, we must commit to the unity of the ANC and the only noble fight that we must engage in is a fight to serve the people and not ourselves! We must learn from President OR and continue to demonstrate to the people, in word and in deed, that the ANC remains the organisation most capable of leading South Africa. The ANC must unite so that we are able to unite the people against our common enemies – unemployment, poverty and inequality,” the party said in the statement.

But according to Mpofu, self-correcting is not something the ruling party is capable of doing and those who say it will be done are telling lies.

Again, Mokonyane, along with Jacob Zuma, have previously said the president would lead the country until his time is up in 2019. Even Nehawu president Mzwandile Makwayiba last year said it would be “dangerous” for the ANC to hold its 54th national conference in December next year to choose a new leader as the conference would cement factions that have rocked the party.

“The ANC needs to be united. If that unity means we must remove all of the top six, then let it be,” he said at the time.

That Zuma will lead until 2019, according to Mpofu, is another lie that has been told.

The ruling party has announced that the NEC will hold its National Policy Conference next month at the Nasrec Expo Centre, in Joburg, but even that is a lie as it will not happen, according to the national chairperson.

Responding to a Twitter user who said the conference would be “lit”, Mpofu said it was also a lie.

Responding to Mpofu’s list, some suggested that even the ANC’s “radical economic transformation” plan was also a lie, sharing a video of the president saying “radical economic whatever”.

Check out the video below:


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