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5 May 2017
7:26 pm

NC police commissioner meets man linked to underworld at V&A Waterfront – report

Citizen Reporter

The businessman has reportedly said he is heading a new faction to take over nightclub security and is related to a 'major' battle in the underworld.

FILE PICTURE: A general view of the V&A Waterfront. Photo by Ashley Vlotman / Gallo Images

As sources reportedly reveal their belief that police and informants, in a bid to take down players in the underworld, have orchestrated a shift in the club security industry, News24 now reports that they witnessed Northern Cape police commissioner Risimati Shivuri holding a meeting with an alleged underworld businessman.

The businessman reportedly said he was heading a new faction to take over nightclub security. This is related to “major” battle in the underworld, News24 further reports, and has resulted in bloodshed with at least three people injured recently as this “new faction” is allegedly “hijacking the control of club security from an older, more established grouping”.

However, the State Security Agency reportedly denied the shift in the club security industry was orchestrated by police and informants in a bid to “take down key underworld players”.

The report states that the meeting between businessman, Nafiz Modack, who they call “an alleged underworld figure”, and Shivuri at a V&A Waterfront hotel in Cape Town was witnessed by a News24 journalist on Thursday.

News24’s sources also reportedly alleged acting provincial police commissioner Major-General Patrick Mbotho has also met with the businessman over vehicle and firearm matters, although Mbotho reportedly denied this.

News24 said Shivuri’s office had said he was in Cape Town though no response to their queries was received, while Modack did not deny the meeting, although, News24 did report that Modack sent “a sinister email” to their journalist who questioned him on his meeting with the police officer.

First Modack reportedly sent an email response saying he met with lots of people and didn’t think he needed to explain why or who he met with, and then he sent an email saying, they had eyes everywhere, though, when questioned as to whether or not this was a threat, he said, “Not at all”. He then sent a further email apologising if the journalist felt threatened.


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