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Gosebo Mathope
2 minute read
8 Aug 2017
3:25 pm

UDM and Cope challenge ANC MPs to not support ‘liar’ Zuma

Gosebo Mathope

The leader of Cope told ANC MPs that during his time in Robben Island, ANC stalwarts taught him the importance of integrity over material gains.

Members of the military march through the street, 10 February 2016, in the Capetown CBD as they perform a dress rehearsal of the State of the Nation. Preparations are in full swing around parliamentary precinct ahead of President Jacob Zuma’s speech. Picture: Alaister Russell

Reassuring ANC MPs that the court decision by Baleka Mbete is a “safety net”, UDM leader Bantubonke Holomisa asked ANC MPs to use the secret ballot “to put the people first”.

“Let us vote against abuse of power, abuse of state resources and threat to our sovereign independence. Let us vote against the chief architect of state capture, Mr Zuma. He misled the parliament and NCOP, and said he had a bond.

“In years to come, the history we are writing shall only be taught, it will be told to our children. We are also called upon to live up to the ideals of those who came before us. Accordingly, these challenges should propel to do what is right by removing Mr Zuma,” Holomisa said.

Holomisa’s pleaded to ruling MPs to take advantage of the fact that no one would know who they voted for, while Cope leader Mosioua Lekota reminded them that “within the confines of Robben Island” the ANC taught him and fellow prisoners that the struggle against apartheid was not a sectarian battle.

“The struggle we were waging was not a sectarian struggle, it was the struggle for people of South African to enjoy a better life for all. They also taught us that it was crucial always to be truthful and honest. One of them said I have nothing here, only my clothes, but the critical thing I have is my integrity.

“Although I have nothing I am remembered because I have never lied. Here we have a leader who has been found to have lied to the people. If I had been asked to vote for this man, I would refuse. I invite the entire house don’t vote for this man.

“This is someone who is entrusted with the budget of the country and stole for himself and stole with his friends with the Guptas. Don’t vote for someone who lied to our people and stole their money. He gave the responsibility to compose the Cabinet to some foreigners. Vote for someone we can trust,” Holomisa concluded.