Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
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1 Sep 2017
11:10 am

Malema to sue ANCYL’s Makhubela over tender allegations

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Makhubela denies he was referring to the EFF leader, but says if the matter ends up in court, he's ready.

EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: Refilwe Modise

It seems EFF leader Julius Malema is planning on taking his own advice after threatening to take Tshwane ANC Youth League regional chairperson Lesego Makhubela to court to clear his name.

Makhubela made an accusation against Malema on Thursday on Facebook in a post he has since deleted.

“The EFF has today boycotted Tshwane council after one of Malema’s company did not get a tender he was bidding for,” he wrote.

The accusation has infuriated Malema, who said he would take Makhubela to court to prove his accusations.

“There’s a certain ANC councillor in Tshwane who wrote rubbish about me on Facebook. Unlike Zuma, I’m going to sue him,” he said.

Speaking to Power FM on Thursday night, Makhubela admitted to posting the accusation, but denied he was talking about the EFF leader, telling the CiC to grow a thick skin. If Malema does take him to court, Makhubela said he was ready.

“I never said Julius Malema, there’s 39 000 Malemas in this country. The Malemas are the Lembas, they come from the great lake. There’s Vendas who are Malemas. There are a lot of business people who are Malemas. There’s one who just bought House 22 in Tshwane. There’s a lot of business people who are Malemas.

“Let me say something categorically, the CiC must just learn to have a thicker skin. I was not talking about him. As I said before, there are 39 000, you can image, 39 000 Malemas. I’m sure you will know the Lembas. I will give you a history of the Lembas, who come from the great lakes, one day. Some of them settled in Limpopo.

“I’m not talking about Julius Malema, but I’m ready for the court challenge,” he said.

In parliament on Thursday, Malema asked President Jacob Zuma why he had not taken action against people who have made state capture allegations against him.

Malema said: “Why are you not taking actions against people who are putting you right at the centre of a state capture? People say you’ve got a house in Dubai, you don’t take action. People say you are working with the Guptas to appoint ministers – that one I know you’re doing.

“You don’t take action against such people including – among others – the newspapers and all forms of media who make these allegations. Why are you not taking action? At least to protect the good image of the office if you don’t care personally.”

The president said he couldn’t take everyone, including Malema, who said bad things about him to court, as that happened on a daily basis.

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