Batandwa Malingo
2 minute read
7 Sep 2017
4:45 pm

LISTEN: There’s no space for my father in my life, says EFF’s Ndlozi

Batandwa Malingo

He says after his mother got pregnant at the age of 18, his grandmother went to the father's family, but was 'chased' away.

FILE PICTURE: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi from the EFF. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, who recently graduated with a PhD from Wits University, says he does not have space for his father in his life, as he is “not family”.

Ndlozi opened up about his personal life to Power FM host Iman Rappetti on Thursday.

He said his mother got pregnant at the age of 18 and his grandmother went to the father’s family to discuss how they would handle the matter, but was “chased” away.

Ndlozi said he first met his father as a young man, but could not claim him as his dad.

“I could not claim him as my father from a point of view of what fathering is about, he is not. I met him as a young man already, and that was the consequences of his actions. I now had a choice whether to include him in my life or not, and whatever decision I took would be correct, and I could not be victimised for it,” he said.

He recently met his father for an interview as one of the anti-apartheid activists for his PhD study.

Nldozi said during the interview, his father narrated his whole life story, and he had to get to a point where he had to explain why he did not welcome his son.

“In the entire conversation, I left there grateful. I left there knowing that my mother was enough, she was complete, there was no gap – it was imaginary – and I had to appreciate her. I went back to my mother after the interview, I told her she was enough all on her own,” he said.

The People’s Bae said his father tried to persuade his during the interview to go meet his siblings from his father’s side.

“I appreciated that he shared his story with me. I have not met him since the interview. He tried to persuade me, but I wanted him to explain why are we not a family, he struggled to explain.”

Listen to the Power FM interview below: