Adekunle Owolabi
3 minute read
4 Oct 2017
6:05 am

No racial discrimination in Ekurhuleni’s appointments – Masina

Adekunle Owolabi

The mayor says the council appoints people of all ages and does not discriminate against anyone based on their age.

Mzwandile Masina. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

1. I want to know what Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’s (EMM) policy is regarding previous employees who got dismissed more than five years ago and want to re-enter the employ of the municipality?

What is the age restriction regarding unemployed residents who want to apply for employment within the EMM for entry-level jobs, for example general worker/assistant, clerk?

Some of our community leaders stated in a community meeting that EMM will not employ residents within our community because we as “coloureds do not want to work” and we, as a community, have the worst dismissal record within the EMM, compared to other areas.

Would you please give us clarity on this statement? If possible, would you please also supply me with the statistics of other mostly coloured communities with employees being dismissed by EMM, including in our area. Desmond Visagie, Alberton

Mayor Masina: An employee who is dismissed for corruption and fraud, as contemplated in section 171 of the Municipal Finance Management Act, may not be re-employed in any municipality for a period of 10 years.

For all other dismissible offences, as contemplated in Schedule 2 of the Municipal Systems Act, a municipality may not employ such person for a period of five years. If a person was dismissed for contravening the code of conduct in terms of the Municipal Systems Act, the restriction period is two years.

After the expiry of such periods, a person can again apply for a position. In terms of council’s conditions of service, council may only employ persons between the age of 16 and 65 years of age.

Council appoints persons of all ages and may not and does not discriminate against persons based on their age. Council does not discriminate against persons of different race groups in respect of appointments. Appointments are conducted in terms of council’s employment equity targets.

Council does not keep records of employees dismissed in terms of communities and the information is confidential and can only be accessed through the prescripts of the Protection of Personal Information Act and PAIA Act.

2. When are you going to register security guards at Ekurhuleni Municipality? Khumbuzo

Mayor Masina: Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) usually advertises as and when there are internally funded vacancies for security guards and fill the vacancies accordingly as per PSIRA requirement (registered security personnel).

3. I live in Crystal Park, Benoni, and the problem I have is that I pay rates and taxes and I believe that includes rubbish removal from my property.

Recently, we were issued rubbish bins, but unfortunately mine was stolen after I had left it outside for the truck to collect the rubbish. I later went to the Ekurhuleni offices in Benoni to report the theft and was turned away.

Since I don’t have a bin, my rubbish is not collected and is left behind and I now need to take it to the local dumpsite. I still pay every month for rubbish removal but, unfortunately, they don’t collect mine. Why should I continue to pay for these services when they are not provided for me?

Mayor Masina: We profusely apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. We humbly request that you please visit the nearest depot with an affidavit and the replacement of the bin shall be done on the presentation of the affidavit. Should you encounter further problems, kindly call the office of the head of department on 011-999-5337 or the call centre on 0860-543-000.

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