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16 Oct 2017
1:50 pm

Eyewitness details shock Wits student suicide

Citizen Reporter

An eyewitness has detailed how a 19-year-old Wits University student committed suicide in front of her peers and no-one tried to stop and save her.

Solani Sibanda took to Twitter to express his devastation on how this dreadful incident occurred.

He wrote; “She died in front of me I could not help in any way, the people that were supposed to have saved her life‚ told her to jump off the balcony. Some of her fellow students at South Point‚ the Detective that was sent to negotiate made it worse in seconds and South Point management failed to simply save this student from killing herself. Now she is dead.

“I am in total shock, disgusted by some of the students, the four girls from Wits, the car guards and a number of guys who were shouting telling this girl to jump and that she was an attention seeker. No one even South Point thought of calling the fire station or put mattresses or something on the pavement before she jumped. 

“This girl gave us enough time to save her, but instead we encouraged the pressure she was fighting to take over. The whole matter was handled very poorly. My heart is in pieces. Rest In Peace girl, we should have done enough to help you,”

Sibanda continued to state that the matter was handled poorly by everyone who saw the events unfolding.

Tributes from social media poured in and here’s what people had to say;