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22 Oct 2017
8:44 am

Jordaan aware of rape allegations, says he will respond soon

Citizen Reporter

With a week of silence having passed since Jordaan was accused of rape 24-years ago, he says he will respond and that the media can 'write whatever they like.'

Danny Jordaan, president of Safa (Photo by Lee Warren/Gallo Images)

The soccer boss was approached at a Safa event to comment on allegations of rape by two women yesterday, however he declined to give a statement, saying he will respond soon.

Jordaan allegedly raped former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson in a hotel room 24-years ago. Ferguson wrote a blog about the experience, explaining how it happened and that she felt compelled to speak up and request an apology from Jordaan as he was suffering from ‘sexual sickness.’

Another woman wrote to Ferguson, saying she too had allegedly been raped by Jordaan. This woman’s identity is unknown with her telling Ferguson she is not ready to go public with the allegations.

Sunday Times reports that when asked for comment, Jordaan said he was aware of the report.

“Go on and write whatever you want. Times Media has been doing it all along and I will respond,” he said.

Jordaan nowhere to be seen or heard as second woman alleges rape