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27 Oct 2017
3:05 pm

WATCH: Uproar over ‘f*cken ka**ir’ comments by UP students

Citizen Reporter

In the video, two white female students repeatedly shout 'f*cken ka**irs', and one of them says: 'A f*cken ka**ir stole my phone.'


The University of Pretoria has confirmed that the two women in a racist video that has been circulating on social media are students at the university, and has launched an investigation into the matter.

In the video, two white female students repeatedly shout “f*cken ka**irs”, while one says: “A f*cken ka**ir stole my phone.”

“F*cken done. F*cken done! Don’t play this in front of Zamane [presumably one of their black friends],” she continues.

One of the women then went on to mistakenly send the video to the Physiotherapy WhatsApp group, while the other tries to apologise for the mess.

“Guys please ignore that – my very drunk friend. I really apologise from the bottom of my heart to anyone that’s been offended – so sorry, completely unacceptable. She’s been sent home!” writes the friend.

But the black classmates in the group said they would not keep quiet about the racist comments.

Read the apparent WhatsApp conversation below:





“We can confirm that the two women in the video are students at the University of Pretoria. An investigation into the matter is underway and the students will be suspended today pending a disciplinary inquiry. The University of Pretoria strongly condemns the use of such derogatory and racist language,” said the university in a statement.

Watch the video below:


These were some of the comments on Facebook:

“She (herself) was definitely sending it to someone via WhatsApp and mistakenly sent it to the group coz 1 minute is too soon to realise a ‘mistake’ done by someone on a phone so what the person that ‘supposedly lost their phone’ borrowed her phone to send vidoes around?…besides who it was sent to or by who is not an issue it’s what’s being said on the video that’s the issue…smh…this whole ‘racism’ thing will never ever end jeez.”

This is so f*cking gross. And what’s even more gross is that people are standing around them while they’re screaming that shit and not saying a damn thing to them. I really hope they get expelled.

“I don’t know why ya’ll are surprised by this ? whats so sad is that she is probs going to grad and become a health professional and work with these Ka**irs their whole lives. high key didn’t think she will treat them with the best possible care.”

“A drunk speaks sober thoughts.”

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