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1 Nov 2017
10:40 am

WATCH: Woman mercilessly beats another over ‘WiFi password’

Citizen Reporter

People in the background can be heard telling the attacker to stop, as she might kill the bleeding victim.


A video of a woman beating another has emerged and divided social media. In the video, the woman can be seen kicking and punching a helpless woman while asking her why she’s looking at her.

“Heyi, wena! Are you looking at me? You’re disrespecting me, neh?” she asks her sobbing victim.

People in the background can be heard telling her to stop beating the woman in fear that she might kill her as she starts bleeding from the eye, but the woman tells them to shut up  because she doesn’t care.

She doesn’t stop either, and continues with the kicking as she pulls the other woman’s hair, telling the people watching to call the police.

According to Twitter user Nthateng, who shared the video, the woman beat her cousin over a WiFi password. The victim was apparently denied access to data for her studies for a month and got beaten after asking for the password.

She said the victim was in hospital while her attacker walked free.

“This girl’s mother works for the SAPS and managed to leave the police station without being charged ! My cousin is in hospital,” she said.

The police allegedly told the victim’s parents to “talk things through” to avoid ruining the reputation of the perpetrator’s mother.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula said he had made contact with the victim’s cousin, and would make sure justice was served.

Watch the video below:

The video has divided social media users, with some condemning the beating, while others have been asking why other people just stood by and watched.

“This is disgusting, the two people that just stood by and filmed should also be charged!! It also looked like two men casually walked by,” said one, while another wrote: “So you’d video capture your friend getting a beating instead of helping? How fond are your friends to have you.”

Some, however, say it was good of the cousin to take the video as there would be evidence to help with the case.

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