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2 Nov 2017
4:38 pm

WATCH: How Malema plans to teach ‘nonsense’ Afrikaner community who really owns SA

Citizen Reporter

The EFF leader has issued a stern warning against those who sang Die Stem and paraded the apartheid flag on Monday.


The EFF on Thursday picketed outside the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria, and the party leader Julius Malema used the podium to, among other things on the agenda, criticise Black Monday protesters who sang Die Stem and paraded the apartheid flag.

In his address, Malema said it was time those who used the Black Monday protest to express their racist views to be taught a lesson on who really owned South Africa. It was wrong for blacks to have been “harassed” during the apartheid government, and again, during democracy by a “nonsense Afrikaner community”, he said.

The EFF leader said when the “whites” organise another march, he too would organise a counter-march and meet them halfway. That way they would know who really owns South Africa, and police would finally reveal whose side they’re on, he said.

Malema criticised police on Monday, saying there was a double standard in the way they handled the Black Monday protesters, claiming they would have been violent if it were black youth protesting.

He further criticised those who sang Die Stem on Monday, but blamed it on the national anthem, which represented them well.

“White people in South Africa speak two languages: English and Afrikaans. Both those languages are found in the national anthem, they call it reconciliation. Two languages of whites are in the national anthem. We speak many languages, we only have two languages in the national anthem, but whites are completely represented in our national anthem, why?

“Why do you think white people will not think they’re superior, when they’re well represented in the national anthem. When we sang the song: ‘Kill the Boer, kill the farmer,’ we were taken to court, the song was banned by the court because they said this song is promoting hatred and division. Why is the court not banning Die Stem?”

Watch the video below:

He said:

I heard that these whites are coming to march again, they will announce a new date. I’m thinking national chair we must organise a counter-march and meet them half way. We cannot allow white people to do as they wish in this country, like they’re doing in Palestine.

Let them announce the day they’re coming back. Let us meet them toe to toe , let us teach them who owns South Africa. We cannot be harassed in our own country during apartheid and be harassed in our own country during a democratic dispensation by a nonsense Afrikaner community. It must come to an end, let us meet them toe to toe.

Let us show them who is in charge of this country. This is our land, this is our country, we will defend it with everything, even if it means defending it with out lives. Let us see when the Boers come back, which side will the police take. Police must take sides. We’re not fighting anyone, we’re going to liberate our highways.

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