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3 Nov 2017
10:42 am

Prioritising criminals’ human rights over others is ‘choosing Satan’, says Mkongi

Citizen Reporter

Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi has criticised South Africans who prioritise the human rights of criminals over those of police officers.

Deputy Minister of Police Bongani Mkongi. Picture: Facebook.

Speaking on Thursday at the Western Cape launch of the SA Police Service’s safer festive season campaign, Mkongi said citizens who put emphasis on the rights of criminals had “opted for darkness”, TimesLIVE reported.

“South Africans must choose. If they choose the human rights of criminals‚ they are choosing Satan‚ but if they protect the police and those people they are choosing God‚” Mkongi reportedly said.

‘What about the human rights of those ones who are raped day in‚ day out by criminals?’

He apparently said prisoners received three meals a day at Pollsmoor prison while also enjoying sports and recreation facilities.

“We don’t have sport fields here [Bellville]‚ we can’t support our young people to play sport because they say government doesn’t have enough money, but we have money to fund and give to thugs in Pollsmoor‚” Mkongi said.

Mkongi also railed against the assertion that when police are harsh to criminals‚ they are accused of violating their human rights.

“What about the human rights of those ones who are raped day in‚ day out by criminals? What about the human rights of those who are mugged day in‚ day out by criminals? What about the human rights of the mothers and fathers … who are killed by guns?”

Earlier this year in July, Mkongi got himself into hot water after lashing out at foreign nationals living in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, and accusing them of economic sabotage against South Africans.

“How can a city in SA be 80% foreign nationals? That is dangerous that in Hillbrow and the surrounding areas, South Africans have surrendered their own city to the foreigners. The nation should discuss that particular question,” Mkongi said at the time, while speaking during a press briefing following his visit to Hillbrow Police Station.

The deputy police minister said he did not think his comments were xenophobic, he claimed they were based on truth and principle.

The South African Human Rights’ Commission (SAHRC) strongly condemned his alleged xenophobic comments.


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