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8 Nov 2017
1:12 pm

WATCH: Uproar over nurse ‘shouting’, changing patient’s nappy as others watch

Citizen Reporter

While some have defended her, others say her behaviour is unacceptable, as her job requires her to show compassion


A video of a nurse shouting at a patient at a KwaZulu-Natal hospital has emerged and divided social media users. In the video, a nurse can be seen shouting at the patient, who hardly responds.

The nurse tells the patient to not just lie there on her bed, but instead move herself a little bit to keep the body alive. She tells her not to keep one nappy for too long, as that would result in infections, but rather change it and adjust it properly.

“You’re a woman and a mother, if you want things, you must work for them, instead of lying there on your bed and waiting for someone to do them for you,” she tells the patient.

The nurse then puts on a nappy and covers the patient with bed sheets before saying: “Go back to sleep,” and walking away.

Watch the video below:

The nurse’s behaviour has divided social media users, with some defending her for “doing the right thing” by giving the patient some “tough love”.

“Sometimes when a patient has given up you can’t advice in a ‘friendly’ and ‘loving’ manner, you need to give tough love to the patient and remind them of what they are leaving behind at home. What this nurse is telling the patient is pure love, at this stage the patient needs to hear that,” said one user.

Those who condemned her behaviour said the nurse was rude and needed to show compassion to the patient.

They further criticised her for changing the patient’s nappy in full view of other patients, asking why she did not close the curtains to protect the patient’s privacy.

“I am a nurse myself, and I’m disappointed in this specific nurse’s approach in this regard. There are methods of encouraging and rehabilitating patients, not shouting and humiliating in the presence of other patients,” said one.

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