Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
8 May 2018
11:26 am

WATCH: How to get fake pay slips, bank statements to apply for credit

Gopolang Moloko

An SABC exposé of a syndicate in Yeoville shows just how easy it is to get a fake pay slip and three months of bank statements.

Shocking footage of an SABC reporter obtaining a fake pay slip during an undercover operation from an internet Café in Yeoville, Johannesburg, has only produced further concerns about the overindebtedness of South Africans.

People are willing to commit fraud to beat credit laws designed to protect consumers.

A reporter is seen negotiating and obtaining forged documents, including a stamped three-month bank statement, from someone known as Rasta in Yeoville. This has unsettled many.

While in negotiations, the men explained one can obtain any documentation at the right price.

Tailor-made pay slips and bank statements go for R600. You can get a false three-month bank statement from the bank of your choice. In the video, they used Capitec Bank.

The unknown group of men have different rates for their high-end business. A confirmation call is R200, and a pay slip costs R100 per copy copy on pay slip paper.

The slip comes with the ID number in the position of your choice.

The R200 confirmation call gets you a, “Yes, you are working for the company,” and will confirm all the details of your false date of work commencement, including your “position” in the business.

Watch the exposé by reporter Chriselda Lewis below: