Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
15 May 2018
1:16 pm

WATCH: EFF members linked to brutal assault

Gopolang Moloko

Two members of the Radical Economic Transformation Forum have opened cases of attempted murder, theft and pointing of a firearm against EFF members in Limpopo.

A man said to have been wounded during the altercation. Image: Thabo Mabotja

The Economic Freedom Fighters allegedly clashed with members of a newly formed organisation called the Radical Economic Transformation Forum (RETF) outside a five-star hotel in Polokwane on Monday.

Three people are said to be injured, according to reports, after they were hit on the head with a baseball bat.

A video on social media shows people wearing EFF apparel hitting people outside the hotel.

Two RETF members are in hospital, according to RETF spokesperson Thabo Mabotja, who accuses EFF Limpopo secretary Jossey Buthane of being behind the violence.

Mabotja claims the unrest happened after a meeting between construction group Basil Read and the South African Roads Agency (SANRAL) at the hotel.

The incident occurred ahead of the forum’s meeting with SANRAL and Basil Read to finalise a business deal aimed at empowering local contractors.

A mob of EFF supporters was allegedly called, which led to the altercation. Buthane also posted on Facebook on Monday that he was patrolling Polokwane in defence of ‘his’ people.

“Those who think we are threatening please tell us an office your closing today let’s see who is bluffing. Now I am at BICARD and Thabo Mbheki ke kwele bare bale ba go tshoshetsha ba tshogile ba ne le molongwana. Ebilele ke tsene mola ba tshwarang meetings gona they did nothing except to smile in fear,” meaning he was at Bicard and heard people were threatening violence. He continues to say he entered the place were a meeting was held and found the occupants smiling in fear.

Buthane has had previous run-ins with the law, with an earlier encounter being August 2017 when he faced charges of common assault and assault to do grievous bodily harm, according to the Polokwane Observer.