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17 May 2018
11:30 am

Hypertension claims more lives in SA than any other condition – medical association


People are urged to reduce salt consumption and eat more fruit and vegetables, among other precautionary measures.

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The South African Medical Association (Sama) said on Thursday that one out of every four people between the ages of 15 and 64 in South Africa suffered from high blood pressure and that more than a hundred sufferers died every day.

An estimated 53 men and 78 women in the country die daily due to complications resulting from the condition.

Chairman of SAMA Dr Mzukisi Grootboom said that made it the most prevalent medical cause of death in South Africa.

While hypertension cannot be cured, Grootboom said it could be treated to keep blood pressure figures below or within acceptable limits.

He said the success of the treatment depended on the ability to take one’s treatment daily as prescribed.

“Hypertension awareness, treatment and control are critically important for the prevention of associated cardiovascular and kidney diseases, hence the emphasis on ‘knowing your numbers’. It is vital that all citizens, specifically those in the danger age range, check their blood pressure regularly to ensure they do not have elevated BPs,” Grootboom said.

SAMA urged people to reduce salt consumption, eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce or manage stress, limit alcohol intake, avoid tobacco use, be physically active and maintain a healthy body weight.

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