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Zolani Sinxo
1 minute read
19 Jun 2018
3:14 pm

Suspects accused of murdering 15-year-old George boy denied bail

Zolani Sinxo

The case was postponed to July 10 for Regional Court screening.

Avuye Thyuthuza

Five youths who stand accused of murdering Avuye Thyuthuza, 15, were denied bail in the George Magistrates’ Court this morning, George Herald reports.

The court heard that Avuye was allegedly stabbed 10 times near his home on Easter Sunday, April 1, by a group of boys who call themselves the ‘Milanos’.

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Magistrate Phillip Mgwebile emphasised that some of the accused have previous cases of assault with the intent of causing grievous bodily harm and that, instead of learning from their mistakes, they escalated to a more serious criminal offence of murder. He, therefore, was of the opinion that the accused might be a danger to society and might interfere with the investigation of the case.

Mgwebile also said the witnesses are known to the accused, as some of them attended the same school as the deceased, and in allowing bail, the court would be failing in its duty of protecting witnesses from possible danger, as they are likely to be intimidated by the accused.

He also alluded to the possibilities of vigilantism if the state failed to keep the accused in custody, as vigilantism was generated by the court’s failure to successfully convict criminals. To protect the accused and prevent vigilantism, the court has a duty to perform.

There was a sombre mood in court while Mgwebile was reading his verdict. The families listened attentively with mixed emotions. After the reading of the verdict, the mother of the deceased started weeping out loud in court. She had to be calmed down and escorted out by family members.

The case was postponed to July 10 for Regional Court screening.

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