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26 Jun 2018
7:01 am

Malema calls black media ‘house-n***ers’

Citizen Reporter

In the same speech, Malema called his arch-nemesis ex-President Jacob Zuma 'the domkop president'.

Julius Malema. Picture: Twitter/EFF

EFF leader Julius Malema has lashed out at the backlash he has received for making comments about racism among Indian and coloured South Africans, saying that black reporters who are critical of him and his party are “house n****rs”, News24 has reported.

Malema was addressing a crowd outside the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court on Monday following the court’s announcement that a case accusing him of inciting illegal land invasions was postponed until February 2019.

Malema defended not only his recent comment that the majority of Indian people are racist, but those by his deputy Floyd Shivambu about Treasury’s Deputy Director General Ismail Momoniat, who he allegedly accused of having a superiority complex which did not allow him to take orders from African seniors.

He specifically aimed his comments at those critical of “when we speak in Parliament against Momoniat”.

“You know why (they are critical), because (they believe that) Africans can’t think unless they have something to hide. That’s how they view us, including these journalists, who are Indian, who are white, and including some of the house n****rs”.

In the same speech, Malema said that it is time for black South Africans to stop making concessions to the country’s white population, saying that the election of Mandela and Mbeki reflected the ANC’s willingness to compromise.

“We even made the domkop President as a way to thank you”, he continued, referring to Jacob Zuma.

The case against Malema has been postponed to February 25, 2019. The EFF is currently seeking to challenge the constitutionality of the Trespassing Act.

The EFF commander-in-chief also reasserted his commitment to land expropriation without compensation while addressing his supporters at the court.