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Janine Viljoen
2 minute read
4 Jul 2018
1:33 pm

Official allegedly says: ‘That’s why you white farmers get shot’

Janine Viljoen

An argument over a municipal worker's vehicle ended with the official flipping the bird.

Picture: Stiaan Lubbe/Facebook

When a Rand West Municipality official was photographed with his vehicle parked in a demarcated disabled parking space at a hypermarket in Krugersdorp, on Tuesday, his response was to flip the bird after allegedly spewing racial invective, reports the Krugersdorp News.

The man who took the photos, Stiaan Lubbe, 26, and his wife said they were in the hypermarket’s parking area on their way to go shopping when a foreign couple approached the official, whose vehicle was allegedly parked in the disabled parking. The man asked the official to please move his vehicle because his wife was in a wheelchair.

Lubbe said that what happened next really upset him.

“The official started swearing at the couple, spewing out racial slurs, which stunned my wife and me,” said Lubbe.

“I immediately approached the official and informed him that his behaviour towards the couple was really upsetting and that it was no way to talk to people, let alone foreigners.”

Lubbe said the official swore at him too and told him: “That is why you white farmers get shot.”

Lubbe then took out his cellphone and took a photo of the official as he was driving off. The man gave him the middle finger in the process.

Lubbe posted the images on Facebook, which led to a small social media storm. Many of the comments called for action to be taken against the official.

James Dekker commented: “If you don’t report this and take it to the top, you wasted your time posting this.”

Other comments, however, said nothing would come of the matter because of alleged corruption within local government.

The Krugersdorp News contacted the Rand West Municipality’s manager, Themba Goba, about the situation.

“We are aware of what has been posted on Facebook and we are investigating the matter,” Goba said.

Lubbe said he would make sure the matter would not be swept under the rug and he would make contact with Goba himself to ensure appropriate action.