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23 Aug 2018
10:14 am

ANCYL executive faces dismissal over her use of the k-word

Citizen Reporter

The woman has denied using the slur and says there is a smear campaign against her.

ANCYL's Suzanne Govender is in hot water over her alleged use of the k-word. Picture: Facebook.

A regional executive member of the ANCYL in Durban is facing disciplinary action over her alleged use of the k-word, TimesLive has reported.

Suzanne Govender is alleged to have dropped the slur during a WhatsApp conversation with a fellow ANCYL member, which was later posted on Facebook in the form of a screenshot.

However, Govender denies using it, telling Daily News that there is a plot against her by rivals wanting to take the position and that the screenshot was forged.

The ANCYL in ward 73 in Chatsworth has opened a case against Govender and also plans to take her to the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). The ward has also called for her to be suspended immediately.

The alleged racist outburst was slammed by ANCYL ward chairperson Jarad Naicker, who distanced himself from Govender and says the ANCYL in the ward “will allow all internal disciplinary processes to proceed without fear or favour”.

“We’re proceeding with opening a case at the South African Police Services for investigation. We will also submit a complaint of hate speech with the South African Human Rights Commission and provide all possible support to the poor victim whose constitutional rights have been infringed and who is severely traumatised‚” said Naicker.

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“Her dangerous statement and use of the word ‘k****r’ can only stoke hatred and friction among different race groups and destroy our social fabric for political gain and power. Her hate comments amount to a gross violation of the Constitution‚” Naicker continued, adding that Govender’s outburst was “dangerous‚ reckless‚ harmful‚ prejudicial‚ discriminatory and toxic to the unity of the entire ANC”.

ANCYL eThekwini spokesman Thulisa Ndlela said on Wednesday that the organisation was taking racism allegations against Govender in a very serious light as it had the potential to undermine social cohesion between the Indian and African communities.

“I can confirm that there will be a disciplinary hearing and she will come before it to face charges. In terms of our constitution the charge of racism is defined as a grave concern. It’s something we take very seriously and if there is a case to answer‚ she will be held accountable,” adding that Govender could face expulsion.

EFF leader Julius Malema caused controversy with his comments at a rally earlier in the year, where he accused Indian and coloured people of being racist.

“The majority of Indians are racists – they see themselves better than most of us. Even coloureds see themselves [as] better than blacks,” Malema said while speaking to a crowd of supporters at a rally held on Youth Day in the North West city of Klerksdorp.

Some feel Malema’s assertion that most Indian people are racist and that many coloured people are too, itself constitutes racism.

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However, some of Malema’s supporters took to social media to voice their support for his statements, which they consider to be true.

An incident on a Kulula flight in June involving a 26-year-old South African Indian woman named Alochna Moodley was considered by some on Twitter as justification for Malema’s controversial comments.

Moodley was spotted by Reverend Solumuzi Mabuza, who was seated next to her, typing the ‘k-word’ in a text message.

Mabuza, who saw her use the racial slur while expressing anger that someone on the flight was drunk while another person was “sniffing” then alerted the flight attendant, who removed Moodley from the flight before takeoff.

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