Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
30 Aug 2018
1:15 pm

WATCH: Robbers target couple in Pretoria

Gopolang Moloko

A shocking video shows robbers targeting a couple in Pretoria.

A video of a group of men ambushing a couple in an attempted robbery has surfaced.

The group of would-be robbers target the couple near Sammy Marks Square in Pretoria. In the 22-second clip, the men can be seen choking the male victim and attempting to snatch the woman’s bag. After a quick scuffle the attackers fail in their mission and walk quickly away.

It is unclear when the video was taken, though this follows two other videos which surfaced this month, where robbers target, choke and rob the victims.

In one of those, the brazen robbers target a man seconds into the video. The apparent attack happened in the Small Street mall near Commissioner Street in Johannesburg’s CBD.

The victim is seen evidently briefly passing out, before the robbers take his valuables and he finally comes to again, looking dazed. No one appears interested in helping him.

The second video also shows a group of men robbing a victim in the Johannesburg CBD.

In the video the group of attackers follow the victim and pounce on him, choking him.

The other accomplices then search and rob the victim while bystanders watch the robbery passively.

The robbers then walk away from their victim who lies helpless on the pavement.

Johannesburg metro police have intensified patrols in the city CBD following the footage that surfaced around the first week of August.