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Bongeka Sibisi
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6 Sep 2018
10:28 am

Nine-year-old recounts alleged rape by former guidance counsellor

Bongeka Sibisi

Chilling details were revealed on Tuesday at the Pietermaritzburg High Court by the victim.

Former guidance counsellor Darren Goddard.

Chilling details were revealed on Tuesday at the Pietermaritzburg High Court by a nine-year-old witness who was allegedly repeatedly molested and raped by former guidance counsellor Darren Goddard while he was in Grade R and Grade 1 at a city school, reported Maritzburg Sun.

Testifying through an intermediary outside court, the boy, now in Grade 3, gave the court a graphic account of his alleged ordeal that took place prior to the matter being reported to the police in 2016.

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Testifying before Judge Kate Pillay, the nine-year-old told the court he taken out of his classroom three times a week to be sexually assaulted by Goddard.

“He’d fetch me from my class on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and take me to his office,” he said.

State prosecutor Attie Truter, who led evidence, asked about events that would unfold in the guidance counsellor’s office. The child said Goddard had a mark resembling a birthmark on his penis. He was asked to draw a picture of Goddard, as well as identify pictures that were exhibits of Goddard’s office.

Describing Goddard’s office in detail, the child recounted the furniture and the games he and Goddard played prior to the alleged sexual molestation.

“Some days we’d play with Monster trucks, and Legos. He’d play Legos,” said the child providing details of the alleged abuse, which included penetration.

The child told the court that after each incident, Goddard would kiss him on the forehead.

“I used to count; it would be seven seconds,” testified the victim.

“Why did you count the seconds?” asked Truter.

“So I could tell my mom. So my mom knew to go to the police station because I was raped.”

Judge Pillay interjected asking the nine-year-old what the word “rape” meant.

“I asked if there was a word for what was happening to me. Mom said rape.”

Cross-examined by advocate Shane Matthews for the defence, the nine-year-old became visibly emotional and restless, asking for breaks.

“How did you feel when Mr Goddard did the bad things to you? Did you cry?” asked Matthews.

“I’m getting upset now. Can we take a break now?” requested the boy.

After the short adjournment Matthews attempted to continue to cross-examine the boy about who he had reported the incident to, making reference to 48 alleged visits to a psychologist and doctors, to which the boy responded: “I don’t know. I don’t remember”.

Cross examination was adjourned again after the victim became emotional.

Further cross-examination took place on Wednesday.

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