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Phumzile Mavimbela
2 minute read
8 Sep 2018
12:16 pm

Mpact is now recycling liquid cartons

Phumzile Mavimbela

In celebration of National Recycling Day, Mpact is informing people liquid cartons are recyclable. This is also an opportunity to make an extra income.

Agripa Munyai, Tetra Pak environmental manager

Mpact Recycling celebrated National Recycling Day with a tour of their Springs mill on Friday, reports African Reporter.

The tour was aimed at giving insight into aspects of the recycling process.

The managing director of the company John Hunt explained the types of materials that are recycled and dispelled the myth that only white paper is recyclable.

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Many people do not have knowledge of the great business opportunities are available in the recycling industry.

This is also another way in which informal waste pickers can make a living for themselves.

Hunt explains most papers with different grades are recyclable.

The only products made from paper that are not recyclable are tissues, toilet paper, wax-coated paper such as dog food bags, sweets wrappers and boxes coated with wax, oil or grease.

Employees collect loose paper to put into bales.

The cartons are made up of 75 per cent recoverable paper, 20 per cent polyethylene and five per cent aluminium.

Last year, the Springs mill launched its own liquid packaging plant.

However, they don’t have enough feed-stock to fill the plant.

“This means the consumers are still not recycling their carton[s],” said Hunt.

The Tetra Pak South Africa environmental manager Agripa Munyai said they want to get the message out that liquid cartons like long life milk cartons and Fruit Tree cartons are recyclable and in high demand.

There is a huge opportunity for recycling liquid cartons.

In order to recycle them, you must ensure the cartons are completely emptied of the liquid, dry and flattened.

Those interested in the recycling business can make money by taking their recyclable material including plastic bottles, paper, paper cups, sacks and bags and any liquid cartons to any recycling buy-back centres such as the one in Mpact Springs mill.

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