Daniel Friedman
2 minute read
11 Sep 2018
11:24 am

ANC ‘hates’ black youth just like apartheid government – EFF’s Ndlozi

Daniel Friedman

The politician again called those in parliament 'sleepists' and accused the ruling party of neglecting the youth, both back in 1976 and during #FeesMustFall protests.


EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi had harsh words for the ANC government while debating their response to the #FeesMustFall movement in parliament on Tuesday morning.

Ndlozi said that black youth was “hated, despised and neglected” not only under colonialism and apartheid but also by the ANC government.

The politician accused the ANC of having released statements on the start of the 1976 Soweto uprising condemning the students and calling on them to go back to school, saying it shows the youth of that generation were “abandoned” by their elders and parents.

Ndlozi claimed that the ruling party sustained this attitude towards the current student protests carried out by today’s youth.

He said the ANC “sent police to campuses, condemned students” and accused them of being used by the CIA and incited to protest. He further claimed that many of the #FeesMustFall activists are in prison, three years after the protests took place.

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The EFF spokesperson said the ANC government continued to “take pleasure in arresting, persecuting and expelling student activists” even after society “accepted the moral power” of those in the #FeesMustFall movement.

Ndlozi drew parallels between the activists and those who opposed apartheid, saying those that mention “destruction of property, disruption of exams and infringement of individual” on the grounds that they are “violations of individual rights and the rule of law” are forgetting that such acts brought about the end of the apartheid regime.

The politician was extremely clear in his assertion that the blame for the protests lies at the feet of the ANC government.

“Had you focused on your responsibility to secure a future for the black youth, there wouldn’t have been a #FeesMustFall,” he said.

He repeated his favourite insult towards those in parliament, calling them “sleepists” as he had done before in 2016.

“Filling your bellies with resources from looting state coffers, bloody sleepists,” he said.

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